Enabling Research

In order to deliver the benefits of research to our patients and communities more quickly and consistently, it is necessary to remove or reduce the long-standing barriers hampering both the conduct of new research and the translation of medical discoveries into clinical practice.

Administrative barriers, operational inefficiencies and fragmented and inconsistent clinical trials capacity are just some of the impediments faced by health and medical researchers.

Working with our Partners, we are addressing some of these barriers and working to facilitate greater mobility of people, funds and data in order to speed the journey of great ideas into better health outcomes.

Platform 3

Under the 2019-22 Sydney Health Partners Strategy, Northern Sydney Local Health District leads our efforts to enable research.

By working closely with Partners in ethics, governance, clinical trials and administration, the platform seeks to:

  • reduce cross-institutional and jurisdictional barriers to support research collaboration
  • achieve greater consistency in application and approval processes across institutions
  • optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness